METHI: Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday fired yet another salvo at her cousin Varun Gandhi, saying the Lok Sabha elections is “an ideological war and not a family tea party”. Even as Varun hit back at her for her remarks that he has gone ”astray” and should be shown the right path, Priyanka said she would not have forgiven her child if he had did something like this. She was apparently referring to Varun contesting on a BJP ticket in the elections.
“This is not a family tea party. It is an ideological war. Would not have forgiven my child, if he did something like this,” she told reporters on a day Varun filed papers as BJP candidate from Sultanpur adjacent to Amethi parliamentary seat represented by Rahul Gandhi. Priyanka said she was “not upset” over the leak of the video in which she had spoken about Varun and maintained that those were her views. She said she did not speak to Varun after her remarks were leaked. Varun on Tuesday hit back at Priyanka, suggesting that she crossed the “lakshman rekha of decency” with her remarks that he has gone “astray” and stressed that his “decency and largeheartedness” should not be construed as a weakness by anyone. Asked about the BJP attack on Congress president Sonia Gandhi for her appeal to people, Priyanka said, “That’s because they don’t like what she says and it is very clear, what the election is, as it is the fight for the heart of India and they don’t like to hear that.” On Saturday, a few days after BJP leader Varun Gandhi’s praise for cousin Rahul Gandhi’s development work in his constituency Amethi raised eyebrows, Priyanka had said, “Varun is my brother and has chosen a wrong path. So, I urge you all to lead him to the right way.” Addressing party workers in the Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur district on Saturday, Priyanka said, “Varun is my brother and has chosen a wrong path. So, I urge you all to lead him to
the right way.”


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